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21 July 2008

Some days I look around my home or office and say to myself, “I really need to xxxxx” and it’s a general task like, “get organized” or “reorganize my closet.” Sometimes it’s just “create some order around here” when things have gotten out of hand.

Often, though, when faced with a general task it takes on larger-than-life proportions and I feel as though if I don’t have a whole day or afternoon to deal with it, there’s no point in even getting started.

This morning I was perusing Unclutterer, which I do on a regular basis. As I scanned their a year ago on Unclutterer feature, one of the items, Ten things to do in 10 minutes caught my eye. It really speaks to power of focusing your efforts for just a few minutes.

According to the article, among the 10 things you can accomplish in 10 minutes are organizing your sock drawer, gathering up your pet’s toys, and cleaning out your cupboard under your kitchen sink (talk about a high-impact 10 minutes).

I have some big rocks I need to accomplish this week, but I think I’m going to make a list of these 10- to 15-minute tasks that I can treat as small pebbles throughout the week and really get things whipped into shape around here.

Thank you Unclutterer!

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Great post! I liked the 10 things article too…

Megan 08/01/2008 08:26 AM

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