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The Breville Tea Maker: A Unitasker worth having

13 February 2017 | Comments [0] »

I typically avoid buying appliances or gadgets that serve only one purpose. The wonderful blog Unclutterer calls those Unitaskers and features them on Unitasker Wednesdays.

But last month I made an exception to that rule and purchased the Breville BTM800XL One-Touch Tea Maker. It’s an electric tea kettle and brewer. Two of my friends and colleagues, Amanda Rickers and Sheila DeHart each had one and raved about it. I found it irresistible.

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Worth repeating: Standards of clutter

14 August 2013 | Comments [0] »

I wrote this blog post four years ago and it remains true. Clutter is truly in the eye of the beholder, which can become a problem when people in the same household have different standards!

Since I specialize in working with chronically disorganized people, I’ve seen a lot of clutter. I’ve worked in homes so full of stuff they were uninhabitable (literally).

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Organizing your craft space: Guest post on Unclutterer!

20 June 2012 | Comments [0] »

Unclutterer is one of my favorite organizing blogs. I’ve gotten to know Erin Doland, Unclutterer’s editor, over the years (love that woman!) and am always thrilled when she accepts a blog post from me.

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Unclutterer guest post on routines

12 August 2011 | Comments [2] »

I make no secret of the fact that I love It’s a smart, informative blog on living simply and I read it regularly. The editor, Erin Doland, does an amazing job with keeping the daily content fresh.

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Unclutterer's "Keystone Demise"

22 June 2011 | Comments [0] »

I love the blog Unclutterer. Erin Doland, who writes most of the posts, is so smart and such a great writer. I love her perspective on striving to live a clutter-free life.

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(Double) standards of clutter

11 May 2011 | Comments [0] »

There’s an interesting conversation going on over at Unclutterer, one of my favorite blogs at organizing and clutter. Unclutterer editor, Erin Dolan, wrote a fascinating post about societal pressures women face to keep house.

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Stressed out by meals? SimpliFried can help

19 January 2011 | Comments [1] »

I love the blog Unclutterer. It is full of sound advice about getting rid of clutter and living simply, written by and for intelligent people.

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Three quick projects: great advice from Unclutterer

5 May 2010 | Comments [0] »

One of the themes of Declutter Happy Hour, the e-course I offer with life coach Shannon Wilkinson, is to capture small blocks of time to work on decluttering.

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Thumbs up for new book: Unclutter Your Life in One Week

18 November 2009 | Comments [1] »

Erin Doland, the editor-in-chief of the great blog Unclutterer has come out with a new book, Unclutter Your Life in One Week. I’m a huge fan of Unclutterer and was honored to have a guest post on the blog last summer. So I’m predisposed to like this book.

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Standards of clutter

21 October 2009 | Comments [5] »

Since I specialize in working with chronically disorganized people, I’ve seen a lot of clutter. I’ve worked in homes so full of stuff they were inhabitable (literally).

But I’ve also been hired to do consultations for people for whom there was no visible clutter, at least at first glance. Yet those folks made the effort to schedule an appointment and paid me to advise them on how to deal with stuff that was bothering them. To my eye, it was small, easily addressable stuff. But to them it was a problem. (I always have to remind myself never to trivialize someone’s problem.)

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Guest post on Unclutterer

19 August 2009 | Comments [2] »

Last week, I had a guest post on Unclutterer, a blog I link to frequently here, and which I admire so much. I’m absolutely thrilled to be included there.

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Why not lighten the load?

22 April 2009 | Comments [0] »

Over at the wonderful blog, Unclutterer last week, guest blogger Gregory Go offered up a guest post on the Seven Benefits of Decluttering. If you had any doubt of the benefits of lightening the load and letting go of excess (and they include financial benefits!), hurry on over there and check it out.

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Great tips on hiring an organizer

20 January 2009 | Comments [2] »

Over at Unclutterer today, my pal Geralin Thomas of Metropolitan Organizing has a terrific blog post on how to hire a professional organizer. It includes fifteen questions to ask a prospective organizer, as well as qualifications to look for.

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Gift wrap: Keep it simple

23 October 2008 | Comments [2] »

Lately I’ve been having conversations with clients about storing their gift wrap. Personally, I bought a couple of organizers from the Container Store that hang from the rod of a spare closet. One is for rolls of gift wrap and the other for flat wraps and gift bags.

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A must-listen interview with Julie Morgenstern

3 September 2008 | Comments [1] »

Organizing guru Julie Morgenstern is all over the place promoting her new book When Organizing Isn’t Enough: SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life . I haven’t read it yet, though I’ve read some interviews, including one here at Unclutterer . After I read the Unclutterer interview, I went to my library’s website and asked for the book to be sent to my branch when it’s available, so I can check it out

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Some great advice on yard sales

29 August 2008 | Comments [0] »

Whenever I have a client who says she wants to do a yard sale, I always groan inwardly. I usually convince the client that a more expeditious route to achieving her goals would be to donate unwanted items or, in a couple of really cluttered cases, get a local auction service to come take away the stuff and sell it for her.

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Life Remix: Blog of the Week

13 August 2008 | Comments [0] »

This week’s Blog of the Week is actually a blog network. Every day Life Remix provides a brief summary of the day’s entries from each of the great blogs that make up their network.

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Who needs to check a bag?

4 August 2008 | Comments [0] »

Over at Unclutterer today, professional organizer Monica Ricci has written a guest column about travelling light. She offers some great tips on packing so that you don’t have to check a bag and incur extra charges.

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The uncluttered car

24 July 2008 | Comments [1] »

I have to admit that my car usually looks pretty messy. That’s not surprising, since I’m a messy person, in general. But I did clean it out prior to my big trip to IKEA and it was very nice to have the clutter removed. Unfortunately, it’s encroaching again.

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Just a few minutes

21 July 2008 | Comments [1] »

Some days I look around my home or office and say to myself, “I really need to xxxxx” and it’s a general task like, “get organized” or “reorganize my closet.” Sometimes it’s just “create some order around here” when things have gotten out of hand.

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Unclutterer: Blog of the Week

2 July 2008 | Comments [1] »

If you’ve found your way to my blog, you probably already know about Unclutterer. Just in case, though, let me sing the praises of my Blog of the Week.

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