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30 May 2017

I see a lot of clients who have trouble keeping up with the laundry. They may be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity. Or the problem may be that it’s too hard to put it away, so it ends up staying in baskets. Whatever the reason, unfinished (or unstarted) laundry can be a real source of stress.

When I see problems with laundry I know right away that the client probably has a whole lot of clothes. And I know that if they let go of the clothes they don’t love or wear, along with the duplicates they purchased because nothing was clean, their laundry situation would be a lot easier.

In other words, if you streamline your wardrobe, you’ll streamline your laundry. When it’s easy to do something (like washing, drying and putting away the laundry) you’re more likely to stay on top of it. And when you’re top of it, it’s easier to do. It’s a wonderful cycle!

how to streamline your laundry

If you’re drowning in laundry, I suggest you take a good hard look at your wardrobe. Start with your closet then move on to your dresser. When you’re through with those spaces, address any piles hanging around in baskets or on the floor. Let go of any garments that don’t make you feel great when you wear them. Donate the ones that don’t fit. If you have any that were purchased more than a year ago but still have tags, let them go. I promise that you will feel lighter and lighter as the donation pile builds.

Once you’ve gone through the clothes and let go of excess (and that includes socks!), organize what you’re keeping by type of clothing and, if you’d like, color. If they don’t all fit in your closet and dresser, take another stab at decluttering. Once your clothes are organized and fit neatly in your storage spaces, your laundry will become easier to do because you’ll be able to more easily put your clothes away. Plus you’ll fewer clothes to wash.

This is worth the effort, believe me. And it can be downright life changing!

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