My Life Matters planner: now available as a download

9 December 2011

Back in March, I did a review and giveaway for the My Life Matters planner for women. I think it’s a terrific planner for those looking for once planner for personal and professional items. It emphasizes self care and balance.

Today, Bobette Kyle, the co-owner of My Life Matters, just posted a comment on that blog post stating that next year the planner will not be available in a printed version but, rather, will be available as a pdf download.

Assuming the format is the same, this actually might be great news. It’ll be very affordable ($12.95) and you’ll be able to print and carry just the pages you need, rather than the spiral-bound printed planner, which was so thick that it was split into two six-month volumes. To learn more, go the My Life Matters website.

If you’re interested in being notified when it’s available (they’re promising it by Christmas), just fill out this form.

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Thanks for the blogging the update! I also finished a demo video that shows each page—it’s very similar….the video will make it onto our home page in the next few days, but you can also find it on YouTube at:

Bobette Kyle 12/09/2011 08:40 PM

Thanks, Bobette! I watched the video and it was great to see the various pages. A couple of questions popped to mind after watching the video: The $12.95 download is for January through June only, is that correct? When will the rest of the year be available?

Janine Adams 12/10/2011 01:09 PM

Hi Janine,
Thanks for the questions. Actually, the $12.95 is for the full year download—and will be the only version available for 2012.

Bobette Kyle 12/10/2011 03:17 PM

Terrific! Thanks, Bobette. I’m glad the download is for the full year!

Janine Adams 12/10/2011 03:23 PM

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