My newest favorite iPhone accessory: Loopy

15 May 2017

Photo courtesy of Loopy Cases.

I attended the NAPO conference last month and roomed, as usual, with my pal, Geralin Thomas. Geralin is always turning me on to great things and I’ve learned over the years to take her recommendations very seriously.

This time, she showed me her phone case, which is called Loopy. This case has a collapsible silicon loop on the back, which threads through holes in the case to securely fasten the loop.

I dropped my phone in the garage last month and cracked the screen a tiny bit, so I’d been feeling a bit insecure.
Who knew that a loop on the back of a phone case could give me such a sense of security?

Since I don’t have a landline, I have to keep my phone on my person, which can be a pain when I’m wearing something without a pocket. With Loopy, I can securely hang on to my phone with one finger while I’m carrying a bunch of other stuff. I can even hold my phone when I walk my dog, if I want, without worrying about dropping it.

An added Loopy bonus is that when I set my phone face up on my desk, it sits at an angle that makes it easy to read. If I want to put my phone in my pocket, the loop collapses.

There was one challenge that switching to Loopy created, but I’m glad to say I’ve overcome it. My other favorite iPhone accessory is the Bracketron si Dash Mount. It allows me to mount my phone on my dashboard, in easy eyeline, so that I can safely use my phone for navigation. It works by placing a metal plate inside the phone case. The powerful magnet in the dashboard mount attaches itself to the metal through the case. (I blogged about it in March 2016.)

The problem was that the Loopy case doesn’t accommodate that piece of metal. The ends of the loop take up too much room. I was really disappointed when I discovered this because I didn’t want to have to choose between the two accessories. But I found this magnetic phone holder at the Container Store and I affixed the little metal plate to the back of my phone. Now I just remove the Loopy case when I drive and mount my phone onto the Bracketron. When I leave the car, I put the case back on. Problem solved! (Believe me, I heaved a big sigh of relief.)

I’m tickled pink by this purchase, so I just had to share the Loopy love!

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I love my loopy, too! For me it’s like having an extra hand. I’ve never dropped and broken a phone (which seems almost miraculous, since I drop things all the time) but now I don’t really worry about it at all.

Margaret Lukens 05/16/2017 12:50 PM

Why am I not surprised that you have a Loopy, Margaret? You’re so smart and always have the greatest stuff.

Janine Adams 05/16/2017 07:47 PM

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