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Apple AirPods: Worth the hefty price tag

5 February 2018 | Comments [0] »

I resisted buying AirPods, Apple’s wireless bluetooth headset, because of the $159 price tag. I also thought they looked a little weird. But I’d heard them recommended by The Mac Guys whose opinion I heartily respect and I was tired of catching the wire of my wired headset and accidentally pulling it out.

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Five apps that have lasted five years (or more)

5 June 2017 | Comments [3] »

This morning I was thinking about the five phone that I’ve been using on daily (or almost daily) for at least five years. That’s a long time in the life of an app. Hats off to the developers who created such robust apps that have managed to stay really useful without significant changes. (They’ve all been updated, of course.)

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My newest favorite iPhone accessory: Loopy

15 May 2017 | Comments [2] »

I attended the NAPO conference last month and roomed, as usual, with my pal, Geralin Thomas. Geralin is always turning me on to great things and I’ve learned over the years to take her recommendations very seriously.

This time, she showed me her phone case, which is called Loopy. This case has a collapsible silicon loop on the back, which threads through holes in the case to securely fasten the loop inside the case.

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My favorite new iPhone accessory

28 March 2016 | Comments [0] »

I bought an iPhone 6S on February 26. I love it of course. I’ve never been shy about expressing my love for my iPhone. And that love has not diminished an iota since my first iPhone, the 4S I bought in 2012. This new phone replaced my nearly two-year-old iPhone 5S whose storage had filled up. I blame my puppy, Bix, who’s outrageously photogenic, for that.

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My Apple Watch: Lovable, if not indispensable

25 September 2015 | Comments [0] »

I wrote last April about my excitement over buying an Apple Watch (and how I navigated the choices available). I ordered it online and the day it was set to arrive I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I devoted some time that day to setting it up just right.

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Choosing my Apple Watch

30 April 2015 | Comments [0] »

But once I saw the initial announcement about the Apple Watch, I really wanted one. Sure, I know the first gen won’t be as great as future generations. But I still want one. I managed to wait twenty days after orders first were taken before I ordered my own. It will arrive in June and I’m very excited.

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Have you upgraded to iOS 7 yet?

25 October 2013 | Comments [1] »

If you have an iPhone or an iPad and haven’t yet upgraded to the newest operating system, iOS 7, I’m going to give you one good reason to do it.

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Change can be good

23 September 2013 | Comments [0] »

Last week, Apple issued a new operating system for its mobile devices, iOS 7. I saw online that it was a huge redesign. At first I balked at updating. (I tend to be slow to do that anyway; I like to wait for the bugs to get worked out.) I wondered why they’d make such a drastic change. The old design—unchanged since the original iPhone—was clearly a winner. I was used to it. It worked well. I had no complaints.

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My latest toy

20 October 2008 | Comments [0] »

I know that new technology is supposed to enhance productivity. That’s usually why I buy it. But if you’ve ever purchased a new computer, you know that setting up and getting used to the new technology can really eat up time.

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