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10 July 2008

I was part of a focus group that paid me $100 recently and I decided to treat myself to something knitting-related with at least part of the money.

I’d been lusting over the Total Knitting Tote that I’d seen in the Knitpicks catalog. Here’s a picture of it:

It arrived the other day and I love it! I somehow didn’t expect it to be quite so LIME green—it’s not the subtle colored pictured. But the size is terrific, as is the storage. It has one big compartment, perfect for the cabled wrap I’m working on, which is now three feet long. And it also has lots elasticized pockets and straps to store needles and notions. And it’s kinda stylin’. I can’t wait to show it off at my knitting group tonight. It’s really a terrific project bag.

When I received the tote, I learned from its tag that it’s part of a line of crafty products, called Creative Options from Plano Moulding, a company best known to me for its fishing tackle boxes.

Knitting clearly isn’t their focus (and in fact, they show what my bag, which Knitpicks calls the “total knitting tote” full of stamping supplies.) They have some nice stuff for scrappers, people who do beading, rubber stamping, and other crafts. For example:

The swivel stacker with six jars

The digital organizer box (for the digital scrapbooker)

The embellishment box

The grab ‘n go shoulder bag

That’s just a small sampling. I think this stuff is cool. Whenever I look at organizing supplies for scrapbooking, it makes me want to scrap.

Anyway, here’s the jumping off point for all the products. Enjoy!

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