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2 November 2011

Part of me is jealous of people who are starting their organizing businesses now. Of course, the economy isn’t the greatest. But compared to 2005 when I started my business, there are so many resources available, at a reasonable rate, to help people get started.

Case in point: my friend Geralin Thomas, CPO-CD® of Metropolitan Organizing offers a variety of downloadable forms and information that I would have given my eye teeth for when I was starting out.

She offers the New Organizer Essentials forms a packet of customizable forms that take a lot of the mystery out of getting started. The thirteen-page document comes in three parts: The phone consult, the in-person assessment, and activity/homework log. Geralin also sells a client agreement form and a client invoice form. The whole bundle is $100.

What I like about the NOE forms is that they provide a guideline, but if there are items on the forms not relevant to your region or clientele, you can simply delete them. You can add your logo, add your own questions, do whatever you want to make them your own.

To make them even more valuable, Geralin is offering a group teleclass on getting the most out of the forms. Geralin teaches the Starting An Organizing Business class for NAPO (as well as Introduction to Professional Organizng). She knows how to teach. Geralin’s also available for one-on-one coaching with new organizers.

Geralin recently started offering a group of checklists that beginning and veteran organizers alike will find useful. The Professional Organizers Toolkit offers seven lists of essential supplies to use during your organizing sessions. Going to work in a hoarding situation? The hoarding list will tell you what supplies you need to bring. Organizing an office? There’s a list for that. Again, Geralin’s all about taking the mystery out of doing a great job. At only $10 the Professional Organizers Toolkit is a steal.

There are so many great tools and educational opportunities out there for new organizers to get started so they can figure how to create a wonderful business. I love when veteran organizers like Geralin are willing to give them that jump start.

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This is such a nice post you’ve written about my forms for new organizers. I appreciate you looking them over and sharing your thoughts with your readers. Many thanks!

PS: I hope you’ll audit a teleclass or better yet, be a guest instructor!

Geralin Thomas 11/04/2011 08:08 AM

Geralin, I’d love to audit one of your teleclasses! Thanks for commenting.

Janine Adams 11/09/2011 04:31 PM

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