10 July 2007

Isn’t balance always such a struggle? I think in my dream life I’d effortlessly balance work and play, solitude and company, relaxation and housekeeping, client time and desk time, knitting and everything else. And I’d do it with ease and grace. In my current reality, I’m feeling torn in several directions most of the time.

I’ve been fortunate to be very busy in my business lately. I worked many hours in June and July is already booked up. That’s great for my bank account. But there’s non-client work I need to do to keep my business going. There’s a house that constantly needs to be decluttered—or at least stuff put away. There are dogs that appreciate long walks and play dates. A husband to spend time with. I know my struggle for balance is not unique to me!

Today I leave for five days to work with a client in another state. We’ll be working long hours together on a big project. It’s a grubby, exhausting project. But there are a couple of great things about it for me. The first is the tremendous impact my help will have on the client’s well-being. The other is that I won’t have to think about balance. I’ll be away from home, completely focused on my client. When I’m not working, I’ll be in my hotel trying to rest. My husband will handle everything at home. I’ll have two obligations: helping my client and taking care of physical well-being.

Ignoring the need for balance certainly isn’t as healthy as actually achieving balance. But at this point, I’ll take what I can get.

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I’ve never had any trouble avoiding working too hard, but still balance is one of my biggest concerns as I plan to move to full-time freelancing. Further education, maintaining and updating my own websites, getting new work, and completing client work will all be part of the job – but how much time to devote to each?

Nora Brown Jul 15, 10:55 AM


I think time management is the single most challenging thing about being self-employed. Dividing your time among the various areas that need attention (those that pay now and those that will pay off in the future) can be really tricky!

Janine Adams Jul 16, 06:27 PM

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