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My new favorite product: origami-inspired magnetic bookmark

25 February 2011

I keep my task list in a Myndology disc-bound notebook with repositionable pages. I bought it at the Container Store. As I blogged about last week, I’m using Mark Forster’s SuperFocus task-management system, which I’m really digging. (Again, I promise a full review after I’ve used it for a little while.)

With SuperFocus, it’s important that I keep track of where I left off on my task list, so I needed a good way to mark my page. I initially just used a Post-it note, but I found that unsatisfactory from an aesthetic standpoint. When I was browsing at the Container Store, I came across the magnetic origami bookmarks from Girl of all Work. Here’s a photo from Girl of All Work’s website:

Aren’t they pretty? The little magnet is strong, so I they don’t fall off the page. I’m also using one to mark the page of the thick novel I’m currently reading. I love that the bookmark is always handy—I just leave it in place when I’m reading and move it when I’m finished, something that’s harder to do with a paper bookmark.

I love taking the time to embrace little pleasures, like a bookmark that’s pretty and does its job well.

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Looks good, thanks

Karen Boucher Mar 2, 02:46 PM

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