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10 April 2008

Checking in for a quick moment to say how wonderfully fortunate I feel to be at the national NAPO conference here in Reno. I just heard the most wonderful keynote address from Peter Walsh, who totally rocks. Here’s a nugget: When people buy stuff, they’re buying not only the stuff, but the promises of the stuff. (The pants that promise to make you look thin; the cookware that will suddenly make wholesome family dinners happen.) So their homes are not only full of stuff, they’re littered with broken promises. Wow.

I’m off to check out the Expo (the trade show). I dashed in at lunch time, visited the Container Store booth and won a $25 gift card by drawing a lucky chip out a barrel. Maybe my next stop should be the slot machines!

I’m so in my element, surrounded by wonderful organizers, many of whom are old friends with lots of new acquaintances made. And I have to give a shout out to my friend Geralin Thomas, of Metropolitan Organizing in Cary, N.C. who helped me put together outfits so I can feel confident and fabulous.

If you know me, you might be shocked to know that I’m planning to wear a dress and boots (!) on Saturday. Such is the power of Geralin….

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