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Taming cord chaos

21 February 2011

In my office I’m cord challenged. Like most people I have loads of electronic devices and their cables snake all over the place. I keep promising myself that one of these days I’m going to focus on the problem and come up with a great solution.

In the meantime, I did pick up a fabulous product at the Container Store the other day to handle one little area of cord confusion.

The outlets are few and far between in my office, so I have a surge protector plugged into an outlet in the far corner of my office. It’s stretched as close to my desk as possible so that I can plug a desk lamp into it (along with a floor lamp and my shredder). For ages, it’s sat there looking ugly. Here’s a photo:

My scrambled mess of cords.

Yesterday I bought a CableBox. It took about two minutes for me to put the surge protector and the excess cord lengths in it. I put on the lid and voila:

Two minutes later, it's a lot less chaotic.

Isn’t that an improvement? Now I need to figure out if I can use it with the major cord mess under my desk.

Exploring the website of BlueLounge, the company that makes the CableBox, I happened across their Studio Desk. Wow.

I want one.

It’s a desk with a hidden (but easily accessible) storage compartment beneath the surface of the desk for a surge protector, cords, peripherals. There’s a subtle slit across the top so that desired devices can be on the desktop, and plugged in beneath the surface. A single cable runs down the side of the desk to an outlet. Now that’s cord control. If I were starting my office from scratch, I’d be sorely tempted.

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