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The glass is half full

31 December 2008

It’s the last day of the year and I’ve been taking the opportunity to reflect on 2008. On the surface, it wasn’t necessarily a great year for my business. As the economy tanked, so did my billable hours. After a terrific first two quarters, the last two quarters were…let’s just say less good.

But that’s just the surface. This morning I sat down with a blank pad to brainstorm about high points and low points of the year. I easily filled the highlights page. And I just had two items for the lowlights page.

Highlights included a trip to Hawaii to work with a really fun client, leading teams of great organizers on three different occasions (which was so much fun and so helpful to the clients), attending four conferences for organizers, giving a speech at a national conference for writers, and leading a really great NAPO chapter.

Top of the list of low points was a significant drop in my income in the second half of the year. This is where the glass-half-full part comes in. That economic downturn? It had a big up side for me. Here are eight ways the tanking economy was actually good for my business.

That said, I am so ready for the economy to improve. I’m hoping that the new president will effect some change that will get our economy back in motion. And thanks to the downturn and all the planning it has allowed me, I’m ready for it.

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Great blog Janine. So much of what you said really hit home with me as the same things are happening with PO’s here in California. Thank you for addressing this issue and for your ideas to take your business to a new and different level.

Wendy Cross Jan 1, 06:11 PM

Wendy, thanks so much for your note. There is some comfort in knowing that other POs are facing some challenges, isn’t there?

Janine Adams Jan 2, 06:16 PM

Janine, you inspired me to post my own resolutions. And I’ll second your hope for a swift recovery! It’s definitely impacting my boyfriend’s job search.

Nora Brown Jan 4, 10:45 PM

Nora, I love inspiring people. And I loved your blog post. Thanks for commenting!

Janine Adams Jan 5, 12:04 PM

Janine, we are all facing a decrease in business. The most comfort I find is that we are not alone.

Carla Saavedra Jan 10, 10:06 AM

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