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Three steps to new habits

4 February 2011

A friend shared this slideshow with me from B.J. Fogg, Ph.D. of Stanford University’s Persuasive Tech Lab, entitled 3 steps to new habits. It presents a very simple approach to creating new habits.

It makes loads of sense to me and, I’m happy to say, is in keeping with what I’ve been saying and practicing in recent months about creating new habits. (Hint: the key is about linking a new habit with an established one and creating a routine.)

It’s just four slides and will take you less than a minute to read. Go for it. Be sure and expand to full screen to read the final one (which is in small type). There’s some great info in there.

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How fun! I shared this with my readers. Thank you!

Joanna Taylor Feb 4, 10:19 PM

Thanks, Joanna. I look forward to checking out your site!

Janine Adams Feb 5, 05:05 PM

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