Checking in from Down Under

30 August 2009

I’m here to tell you that Qantas rocks. My flight across the ocean was really quite easy. It was an overnight flight that lasted 14 hours (we left LA at 10:30 p.m. Thursday and arrived in Sydney at 6:30 a.m. Saturday, crossing the international date line). The captain cheerfully told us that the duration of our flight was “just over half a day.”

Flying Qantas was like flying on a US flight 20 years ago. There was food. There was leg room (I was seated in “premium economy,” whatever that is). There was even free alcohol. They gave us cozy blankets and real pillows. One great thing that didn’t exist 20 years ago was individual TV screens for each seat, with movies and TV on demand.

Thanks to the noise-cancelling headphones I brought and the pitch-dark cabin, I actually slept for seven hours. After I woke up, I watched the movie “Australia” (it seemed like the thing to do) and next thing I know it we were landing.

If I’d realized the journey would be so easy, perhaps I would have visited here long ago!

I caught a connecting flight to Brisbane — it was just a one-hour flight but they served us breakfast! And when I landed I was greeted at the gate (!) by my smiling family. So wonderful.

I managed to stay wake until bedtime so I’m doing really well with the jet lag. I feel great (I did take a nap on Sunday afternoon).

Larry, Miranda, Taylor and I did the Bridge to Brisbane race on Sunday morning. It’s a 10k/5k run/walk. We chose 5k walk. It was pleasantly warm and sunny and our pace was leisurely. I got to walk along the river and see some of Brisbane.

Here’s a photo of Larry and the kids while we’re waiting for the race to start.

And here’s a photo of me with some random guy in a tiger suit. He seemed to enjoy having his picture taken with strangers.

Today we head up to the Sunshine Coast to visit the beach and go whale watching. We return Wednesday. Thursday the AAPO conference starts.

I’m really enjoying Australia so far. It’s been such a pleasure to hang out with my family in their natural habitat!

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Great photos. Thanks for sharing. Looks like you’re having a good time. Have fun at the conference and give Larry my best.

Suzanne Gibson 08/31/2009 12:34 AM

Thanks, Suzanne! I gave Larry your best and showed him a photo from our get together in July. He says you look wonderful (I agree!).

Janine Adams 09/02/2009 03:38 AM

Oh, how I love the photo of you and the “random guy in a tiger suit.” But of course you have a photo like that from your trip to Australia. :) Thanks for the chuckle. I’m sensing the need for a scrapbooking party when you get home! ;)

Aby Garvey 09/02/2009 03:20 PM

Thanks, Aby! A scrapbooking party might be fun!

Janine Adams 09/03/2009 07:20 AM

I’m loving your pictures and your blog. It’s raining and yukky today and it’s just what I needed. Sounds like you’re having a great time. See you!

Marlene Lewis 09/05/2009 08:06 AM

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