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Shifting priorities

25 July 2017 | Comments [2] »

I recently scheduled a one-week trip that had me in Portland, Oregon, for the wedding of dear friends, followed by five days in Walla Walla, Washington (a 4.5-hour drive from Portland) visiting my father.

Things didn’t go quite as planned. I had a marvelous time at the wedding and headed to Walla Walla on Sunday as scheduled. But I discovered on the way that my father had fallen in his condo, where he lives alone, and was unable to get up for 16 hours. That’s scary business for an 86-year-old. Fortunately, he was able to get up and get help and he was driven to the emergency room. I arrived at the ER about 30 minutes after he did.

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Have that difficult conversation

23 June 2015 | Comments [12] »

My mother, Betty Sue Brown Adams, passed away on June 17. She’d been living with Parkinson’s Disease for years and the end of her life was swift and peaceful. My father, brothers, and I took great comfort in that.

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The value of house guests

11 November 2013 | Comments [2] »

My brother, Larry, is coming to visit later this month. It’ll be the first time he’s ever visited me. He lives in Australia, and his visits to the U.S. are fairly few and far between and usually restricted to Washington state, where we grew up and where our parents live. (When he visits Walla Walla, I go there too.) But this year I persuaded him to come to St. Louis before going to visit our parents.

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The family meeting

18 May 2011 | Comments [0] »

I’ve been thinking about mail a lot, because of the Make Peace with Your Mail contest, which ended last week. As I read the entries in order to determine the winners (whose entries you can read here), a theme emerged.

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A little photo essay

5 September 2009 | Comments [1] »

I’m going to write a blog post about the wonderful AAPO conference, but I’m tired today, so I’ll just share some photos. I’m still loving Australia!

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Whales, koalas, kangaroos and more!

2 September 2009 | Comments [6] »

My brother, Larry, his daughter, Miranda and I took a trip a couple hours up the coast to the Sunshine Coast where we paid a visit to Larry’s sister- and brother-in-law in Caloundra. We had such a lovely time.

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Checking in from Down Under

30 August 2009 | Comments [5] »

I’m here to tell you that Qantas rocks. My flight across the ocean was really quite easy. It was an overnight flight that lasted 14 hours (we left LA at 10:30 p.m. Thursday and arrived in Sydney at 6:30 a.m. Saturday, crossing the international date line). The captain cheerfully told us that the duration of our flight was “just over half a day.”

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A very long (but exciting!) trip

27 August 2009 | Comments [1] »

I’m kind of nerdily excited because I’m writing (and will be posting) this blog post while on an airplane. In the air. My American Airlines flight to Los Angeles has WiFi. I wish I could say it was free, but they did give us a coupon for 25 percent off, so it’s only $6 to use WiFi for the duration of the flight.

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Home from vacation

23 July 2009 | Comments [0] »

I’ve been in the Pacific Northwest visiting my parents for the last week or so. I took along my computer, fully expecting to do a little blogging, but got caught up in the combination of family activities and not really thinking about work, so there’s been pretty much radio silence from me.

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The tyranny of the heirloom

1 July 2008 | Comments [3] »

There was a fascinating article in the New York Times last week about how difficult it is for people to part with furniture (or art or other artifacts) that had belonged to relatives. Even if the furniture did not fit in their home, physically, or clashed with their other furnishings, the people interviewed for the article still hung on to it.

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