Good things can happen when you open your mail!

22 October 2020

Keeping up with the snail mail is a challenge for a lot of my client. Sometimes it goes unopened for days or weeks. I had a couple of experiences this week that made me grateful that I make a habit of opening the mail every day. (For some reason, I’ve always loved opening mail, so it’s not a hardship.)

  • We received a routine-looking piece of mail from our health insurance company that I expected to be an Explanation of Benefits. My husband had a health incident recently that necessitated an ambulance ride and a short hospital stay. (He’s fine now.) I opened the mail from the insurance company and inside was a $528 check! It was to reimburse us for the out-of-network ambulance. I don’t fully understand it. But I’m very glad I opened it!
  • In the same mail delivery was an envelope from our auto insurance company, with the policy renewal. I took a look at the new rate and my eyes bugged out. The premium for my van had more than doubled. So I called the next day and got the wheels in motion to correct it. Our premium is paid automatically, so if I had not opened that mail we would have paid a much higher premium. Obviously, we would have noticed it, but it would have been a more stressful situation.

So the moral here is to take a moment and open your mail the day it arrives. You might find a check! Or a mistake that you can rectify. Bonus: If you open your mail daily and discard everything you can, your home will be tidier.

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