Whales, koalas, kangaroos and more!

2 September 2009

My brother, Larry, my niece, Miranda, and I took a trip a couple hours north from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast where we paid a visit to Larry’s sister- and brother-in-law in Caloundra. We had such a lovely time.

Yesterday we went whale watching and saw humpback whales. I can’t resist sharing a photo.

Last night the family played twelve rounds of Scattergories. It’s the first time I’ve ever played with anyone who wanted to play as long as I did! Larry won two games, I won one, and we tied one. (Each game consists of three rounds.)

This morning we went to the Australia Zoo which was owned by famed Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. It’s a very hands-on zoo, dedicated to conservation. I’m not necessarily a big fan of zoos, but I decided to go to make sure I saw Australian animals during my visit here.

Boy did I. Our visit started with me getting to hold a koala. Oh my goodness. She was very sweet. And she was holding on hard! It was as though I was getting a bear hug from her. Here’s the photo of Miranda and me with Mist, the koala (taken by Larry):

Other highlights included visiting Roo Heaven, an area in which kangaroos loll about and are hand-fed by the zoo visitors. (They sell us kangaroo food to feed them.) It was indeed heaven. These creatures were so interesting and so, so tame. I even pet a little joey, who was amazingly soft.

Here’s me feeding my very first kangaroo:

Larry and his family live on the edge of a forest and the birds are so loud and just different from what I’m used to. The kookaburras, in particular are amazingly noisy. They do sound like they’re laughing. Here’s a photo of three kookaburras, taken at the Australia Zoo. (Miranda took this excellent shot.)

Tomorrow the AAPO conference starts. I’m really excited to meet the Australasian organizers, but it is a little tough to be thinking about working!

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Your dogs and Joe, your cat, are going to be jealous!

Who am I kidding—I’m jealous!

That kangaroo-feeding photo made my heart skip a beat.

The whale watching photo too!

However, the photos of your niece and nephew are the cutest.

Geralin Thomas 09/04/2009 05:16 AM

Thanks, Geralin! I agree that Miranda and Taylor are the cutest of all. Tomorrow I’ll post a photo I took of Taylor in his school uniform. Too cute.

Janine Adams 09/04/2009 08:39 AM

Oh Janine, it seems like your trip is everything I could have hoped it would be for you…and more! How great. I am so glad you got to spend the time with your family. Neither they nor you will ever forget!

Marita Perlak 09/04/2009 10:56 PM

Thanks, Marita! I can sure understand why Larry doesn’t have any interest in leaving here. The people are wonderful and the weather’s lovely, even in early spring. You’re right — I’ll never forget this trip. Now that I know how easy it is to get here I think I’ll be coming back!

Can’t wait to see you soon!

Janine Adams 09/04/2009 11:50 PM

Love the pictures! The Koala Bear is soooo cute! And I love the school uniform. And wow – you color coordinated your outfit to your take-out packaging! Between you in Australia and my niece in Europe, I feel like I am seeing the world without leaving my computer screen! Bet you haven’t found much time for knitting… Can’t wait to hear all about the trip.

Lisa Otke 09/05/2009 04:34 PM

Lisa, you’re right, I haven’t done any knitting. I brought along 4 balls of baby llama/silk yarn to knit with and Dakoda the dog got into it and made a nest out of it! So all my interaction with yarn has been untangling, not knitting. But at least it’s salvageable. Thanks for your comment.

Janine Adams 09/05/2009 05:53 PM

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