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For you Sharpie lovers...

12 June 2008

...and you know who you are. I haven’t met an organizer yet who doesn’t love Sharpie permanent markers. The way they write on anything and don’t wipe off. It’s heaven.

The other day I was in Office Max and a display caught my eye. There it was. The Sharpie Pen.

People, this is a Sharpie that doesn’t bleed through the paper. A fine-point pen (and not “fine” as they usually define it…its point is slimmer than the Sharpie Ultra-Fine marker) that writes on anything and doesn’t bleed.

I used it this morning in my planner and there was no bleed through. Can you tell I’m excited by the absence of bleeding?

I went to the official Sharpie website to snag a photo of the Sharpie pen and didn’t find a single mention of this product. That puzzled me, since I own one. But I found the Sharpie pen at the Office Max website. And Staples has it too. Maybe the product is so new it hasn’t made it onto the Sharpie website.

But you know what I did find at the Sharpie website? Personalized Sharpie markers! Yes, for a fairly hefty fee, you can order Sharpie Fine markers with a personalized message in your choice of font and your choice of clip art. The choices of font and clip art are pretty limited. But still. Check this out:

How romantic!

Can you think of a more romantic way to propose to an organizer?

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