Coloring folders giveaway winner!

7 July 2016

Smead Coloring Folders!

After numbering the entries, I used the Random Number Generator to randomly choose the winner of the Smead Coloring Folders that I reviewed last week.

The winner is Jessica Stallsmith!

I was tickled she won, because her comment/entry made me smile. She wrote:

I have an incredibly unhealthy obsession with arts, crafts, and office supplies. I finally confess. And the fact that these folders are everything in one, makes my heart sing. Speaking of heart, these also have the added benefit of reducing stress! Perfect! Since I was just diagnosed with high blood pressure! See what I did there? So clearly, if I win you could be saving a life! Or… Just make a little person like me extremely happy for 32 minutes.

Enjoy those 32 minutes of coloring, Jessica! Actually, with 12 folders I think you’ll get a lot more than 32 minutes of enjoyment out of them.

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Woohoo! I received my folders and I’m totally thrilled! They look even better in person! Thank you again so very much. :) I’m always on the lookout for new, innovative, creative ways of organizing. Not just for me, but my entire family…. We’re all adhd-ers so it’s kind of a necessity. Everything Must be visual and in sight. Looking forward to more tips and tricks you’ve got up your sleeve.

Jessica Stallsmith 07/11/2016 01:01 PM

Hooray! I’m glad they arrived so quickly and that you like them. Enjoy!!

Janine Adams 07/11/2016 07:25 PM

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