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Soulful Simplicity winner!

2 February 2018 | Comments [0] »

The winner of the free copy of Soulful Simplicity: How Living with Less Can Lead to So Much More by Courtney Carver is reader Briana. Soulful Simplicity is my favorite book about hows and whys of living with less. Briana said in her comment that she would like to win book in order “to learn about practical minimalism. I’ve read a lot about minimalism in general, but this seems to take a different approach.” Here’s your chance, Briana!

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Enter to win a copy of Soulful Simplicity

25 January 2018 | Comments [3] »

Courtney Carver’s excellent new book, Soulful Simplicity: How Living with Less Can Lead to So Much More., came out a month ago, on December 26. That day, I published a Q&A with Courtney about the book and her journey.

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Coloring folders giveaway winner!

7 July 2016 | Comments [2] »

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Smead's Coloring Folders: Review and giveaway

30 June 2016 | Comments [9] »

When I attended the annual conference of the National Association of Professional Organizers this year, the item in the trade show that got me most excited was the SuperTab Coloring Folders being sold by Smead. That’s right, coloring folders. File folders that you color on.

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Giveaway winner!

30 November 2015 | Comments [0] »

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway for a copy of Decluttering Your Home: Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets, by Geralin Thomas. I used the Random Number Generator to select a winner.

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Decluttering Your Home: A review + giveaway

23 November 2015 | Comments [14] »

My friend, the amazing organizer Geralin Thomas, has written a fabulous new book, Decluttering Your Home: Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets. The 176-page book, published by Firefly Books, is heavily illustrated with beautiful photos and drawings.

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SentrySafe giveaway winners!

20 October 2014 | Comments [0] »

My giveaway for a fireproof Alarm Safe and a fireproof Guardian Storage Box from SentrySafe ended last night, and, as promised, I am announcing the winners today.

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Fire-proof storage: A review + giveaway

10 October 2014 | Comments [50] »

I have to admit I have never been very diligent about keeping my valuable documents/belongings safe from disaster. I think part of my problem is that I don’t like to think about disasters or believe that one will befall me. (I realize that this type of head-in-the-sand thinking is ridiculous and not at all helpful.)

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Hands Free Tote giveaway winner!

12 September 2014 | Comments [1] »

A week ago, I reviewed the Hands Free Tote from United Solutions and offered one up for a giveaway.

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Hands Free Tote: A review + giveaway

5 September 2014 | Comments [10] »

From time to time I receive emails from manufacturers of products that might interest my readers. They typically offer to send me a product sample, hoping I’ll review it. I don’t promise a review, but I often say yes and offer to give feedback on the product, which is mine to keep. When I really like a product, I’ll review and do a giveaway.

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And the giveaway winner is...

3 March 2014 | Comments [0] »

On February 21, I posted a review of Clutterfree with Kids by Joshua Becker. Joshua had sent me an autographed copy of the book to give away to a lucky reader.

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Less stuff, more living: A review of Clutterfree with Kids (+ giveaway!)

21 February 2014 | Comments [13] »

Joshua Becker, the founder and editor of the popular Becoming Minimalist website, sent me a copy of his new book, Clutterfree with Kids for a review and giveaway. Here’s the review. At the end you’ll see how to enter to win an autographed copy of the book.

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Giveaway winner!

27 June 2012 | Comments [2] »

As usual, I used the Random Number Generator to select the winner of that fantastic resource, The ICD Guide to Challenging Disorganization: For Professional Organizers, which I reviewed last week.

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The ICD Guide to Challenging Disorganization: Review and Giveaway!

19 June 2012 | Comments [11] »

I should start this review off with a full disclaimer: as the outgoing marketing director for the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD), I am not an objective reviewer. Not remotely.

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Travel jewelry case giveaway winner!

31 May 2012 | Comments [0] »

Thank you to everyone who entered to win the Travel Jewelry Case from Clos-Ette Too. To select the winner from among the entries, I entered the names in a spreadsheet, assigned a number to each and used the Random Number Generator to come up with the number that corresponds to the winning entry.

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Clos-ette Too Travel Jewelry Case: Review & Giveaway!

23 May 2012 | Comments [26] »

Up until a few years ago, traveling with jewelry wasn’t much of an issue for me. I had a few pairs of earrings and a tiny (2” by 3”) little oriental cloth zipper case I put them in when I traveled. Then I met Geralin Thomas who, among her many talents, is a wardrobe consultant. She’s helped me up my game in terms of clothing and especially in terms of accessories.

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Thirty-One giveaway winner

9 August 2011 | Comments [0] »

Last week, I reviewed the Organizing Utility Tote from Thirty-One, which was given to me by Thirty-One Independent Consultant Jessica Wright.

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Thirty-One Organizing Utility Tote review -- and a giveaway!

1 August 2011 | Comments [17] »

I’d been hearing good things about the bags, totes and accessories from Thirty-One , so when Thirty-One Independent Consultant, Jessica Wright, emailed me and offered to send me a bag to test and do a reader giveaway, I jumped at the chance.

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My Life Matters planner: review and giveaway

2 March 2011 | Comments [5] »

I have trouble remembering to take my vitamins and calcium supplements. And at the moment, I’m having trouble integrating daily exercise into my schedule.

I think that’s why the My Life Matters planner appeals to me so much. It’s designed to allow women to pursue balance: there’s space to plan and note all aspects of your life: mental and emotional well being, physical health, spiritual well being, relationships, finances, work, life dreams, and passion.

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Linda Samuels' Ultimate Organizing Giveaway

3 November 2010 | Comments [3] »

Linda Samuels, CPO-CD®, author of The Other Side of Organized: Finding Balance Between Chaos and Perfection is a marketing genius. She’s my predecessor as marketing director of the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization and she left very large shoes to fill.

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Taming the messy drawer (and a giveaway!)

8 March 2010 | Comments [14] »

In our kitchen we have lots of drawers. One of them is a drawer full of miscellaneous cooking utensils and gadgets that we don’t use much. The things we use with any regularity are usually on top, but that’s the extent of the organization of the drawer. And that’s not really organization at all. That’s just physics.

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Peter Walsh's "It's All Too Much" DVD: A review and giveaway

17 February 2010 | Comments [11] »

I really like Peter Walsh. I love that he provides straight-forward, common-sense advice on decluttering and organizing. I also like his innovative storage solutions. You’ve had the opportunity to see him on Clean Sweep, and Oprah. You may have read his books, including It’s All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff. And now you can watch him demonstrate the principles in that book with this terrific new DVD, It’s All Too Much with Peter Walsh.

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The Other Side of Organized: a review and giveaway

3 February 2010 | Comments [14] »

My friend and fellow organizer, Linda Samuels, CPO-CD®, has just published a fabulous new book called The Other Side of Organized: Finding Balance Between Chaos and Perfection. She sent me a copy for review and at the end of this post I’ll tell you how you can enter to receive a copy too.

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Back to school organizing (featuring Peter Walsh and a giveaway!)

7 August 2009 | Comments [16] »

I’m not a parent, so the phrase “back to school” hasn’t meant a lot to me since I was actually in school, a long time ago. But I realize for a lot of parents, the beginning of the school year brings along mixed emotions, including worries about getting/keeping kids organized with their school day and school work.

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We have a winner!

13 July 2009 | Comments [0] »

On Tuesday of last week, I posted about organizing my food-storage containers and offered a free set of Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid food storage containers to one lucky commenter.

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Organizing food-storage containers

7 July 2009 | Comments [26] »

In yesterday’s blog post I chronicled the great fun of working with professional organizer Aby Garvey on my pantry. I hinted that organizing the food-storage containers was a bit of a challenge. I’ll tell you the saga now. Don’t worry: it has a happy ending.

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A great giveaway for the small-business owner

2 March 2009 | Comments [0] »

My friend Brandie Kajino, the Home Office Organizer, is having an amazing giveaway on her blog, sponsored by Office Depot. She’s giving away a great package: laptop, a shredder, and an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier/fax, backup service, and online storage.

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